Saturday, January 5, 2013


Some lines from THRONG by Jose Perez Beduya:

When you speak again
Use your wilderness voice
Not your factory voice

You and I conferenced
All night
Cold pronouns

You think hollowness unlike depth
Is a grace or a loveliness

Wheel away the dusk and floodlights
Squeeze through the trees

Because cars are an eternal river

So many minutes to a field

We were the long
Lawns while the muzzle
Flashes in the fields
Were our sisters

Our record- and peace-
Keeping done remotely by objects

Our bodies so clean
They're smoke

A curfew of the skull

We drank
Water from our uniforms
And tasted
The dead in everything we ate
We waited for a pattern
To cut down through the clouds
We measured our era of drifting
Not in years but daughters

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