Monday, December 31, 2007

the old year passes

So I've been at this blogging thing for about a year now. I'll admit I'm not the most organized blogger. Nor am I clever, whacky, full of irony or sharp-tongued opinions on much of anything. I started this endeavor partly as a way to connect to -- what? Myself perhaps. As a way to contain the brain storm whooshing on through. I also proposed a year ago this activity would serve as a study tool.  By writing here occasionally about what I look at and read and underline, I hoped I'd be better at looking, thinking, reading, writing, etc. When you live in the woods and don't get much of a chance to converse with folks who like to look and read and underline, you end up talking to your self a tad too much. I hoped this space would give me a less kooky way of talking to myself. 

I've been surprised and pleased that others have found their way here, particularly since there's a surfeit of conversation throughout the blog-0-sphere, even among poet-types.  

I know this is the time for resolution, revision, renovation. Mine is to get here more often.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

this is the end (almost...)

farewell, sire--
like snow, from water come
to water gone

--Raizan's death poem

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

the work

Horoscope for week of December 27, 2007

Lake Vostok is as big as Lake Ontario, but no one on earth knew about it until 1996. Scientists who had been drilling through Antarctica's thick sheets of ice discovered it two miles below the surface. Here's what they were able to find out about the ancient lake: Hermetically sealed off for at least a half million years, it gets no sunlight, has an average temperature below zero, and may harbor life forms as exotic as those on other planets. And yes, it's in a liquid state, for reasons you can read about at  All that, Libra, is prelude to the following announcement: Lake Vostok will be one of your Prime Metaphors in 2008. I predict you will dig deep to discover an ancient, pristine mystery at the bottom of your life. In my astrological opinion, you should explore it thoroughly, driven by an innocent sense of wonder and a robust analytical curiosity.