Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I like short stories

A friend sent me this link.
It's Miranda July's website.

I think I will look for her book.
I liked her movie.

I want to read some short story collections this summer.
Every summer I make myself an unofficial summer reading list.
I guess that's left over from school days. I like to read big fat books in the summer, the kind that take up too much space in the already overstuffed beach bag, the kind that are good to read and read when you have a stretch of time--like at the beach. So what's on my list? A mixed bag. I'm just about finished with the first book, Elaine Scarry's "On Beauty." I'm still debating whether to dive into the second volume of Hilary Spurling's biography on Matisse. I read the first book 2 summers ago. If I decide to, then that could take a chunk of time. Also on the list is Beckett's "The Unnameable." I'm looking for wildness, strangeness. Or maybe "Molloy." I probably need to read a possible text book if I teach my grad class next year. And there are a few books of poetry, including one I'll be reviewing.
I recently heard Michael Silverblatt interview author Christine Schutt on Bookworm. Her short story collection "A Day, A Night, Another Day, Summer," sounded interesting. Perhaps I'll dip into some essays. Jeff Wall's "Selected Essays and Interviews" is on a table nearby. Summer's hardly here and now it seems gone.


Suzanne said...

I love short stories. Have you ever read A.M. Holmes' "The Safety of Objects"? She has some amazing stories in that collection.

Pam said...

I haven't read that, but I love the title...and will add the collection to my reading list. Thanks Suzanne!

SarahJane said...

I read short stories in summer, too, and weirdly enough that's just about the only time. It just seems the season. Miranda July's book was recently reviewed on Slate, if I recall correctly.

enjoyed the artwork and poems selections on your blog.

Pam said...

Thanks for the tip sarahjane. I'll check out Slate. And thanks for visiting. It's nice to know someone out there is reading.