Wednesday, August 5, 2009


A picture up at Rebecca's blog reminded me of this
website -- Terrible Yellow Eyes. Check it out. Cory Godbey is inspired by the book and all the art at the site swirls around Where The Wild Things Are. It's a book I read over and over to my kids. Soon to be a movie. That worries me a bit because Sendak's illustrations and the cadence of the story are so deeply imprinted in me. I don't know if I can see the film.


apprentice said...

I agree about precious children's books, you don't want the spell to be broken.

Pam Hart said...

Yes, the spell of books is so strong and usually cinema doesn't capture what you had in your imagination, even if I liked the movie.

Christine said...

This is so true. And this is one book my girls and nephew loved and asked to have read to them again and again. One movie that was an excellent match to its book -- and did not ruin imagined images -- was To Kill a Mockingbird. And if I recall, also the movie based on Hardy's Far from the Madding Crowd.