Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Later I'm going to make golden carrot soup even though it's hot
and chocolate chip cookies with pecans because tomorrow
my friend is coming for lunch and I'm tutoring in the morning
so can't cook then. And over lunch we're going to talk about
our manuscripts, which we've been working on for a while
and finally exchanged about a month ago. Hers is further
along. Mine is in process, still figuring itself out.
Shall I tell you about it? Too soon.
It's not really 'about' one thing, but it does circle some
ideas, one being emptiness. Golden carrot soup even
though it's hot seems like the right food for poetry tomorrow.
And chocolate chip cookies are one of my favorite foods.
If I can get some tomatoes from a friend's garden, we might
have those too. I hope the heat eases up. While I was away, and
visiting Georgia O'Keefe's house, I had a revelation about my
book. So there are rooms in the book I need to go explore.
My friend's, on the other hand, feels more complete.
Not that it's finished, but the framing is up and good.
Anyway, we'll talk. And eat soup, tomatoes, some
bread and cheese then cookies. And unfurl our books like bolts
of linen. Who knows what I could make after such an afternoon.


apprentice said...

Enjoy - I should have given you my fab gazpacho recipe and fed ex'd some of my tomatoes.

Pam Hart said...

Oooh...it's not too late. I'll always take garden grown tomatoes!

Christine said...

How wonderful that sounds -- both the flavors and the manuscript conversation! Enjoy it all. You know, maybe that gestation reference and your pregnancy dreams connect somehow to your manuscript-in-progress.

Pam Hart said...

I've been thinking maybe that's so. If not the manuscript, then something indeed is in the formative stage.