Saturday, August 1, 2009

cloud (s)

The hawk is back today, plaintiff, calling
missing something as it circles the house,
the road. As have I. Thinking about my father
who died a year ago. A complicated, difficult,
incredible man. He loved music -- played
the guitar, piano, sang. I've been listening
to Hank Williams, Doc Watson, Paul Simon,
the Beach Boys and a host of other songs
as well as the hawk. A bit carried away
with cloud shots, which are over the top
but there you go.


Christine said...

Sorry about your father, Pam. Good to think about him, though. Nothing wrong with cloud shots, especially when the clouds are this glorious. (Note my clouds 7/28!) So many wild thunderheads to admire this summer.

Pam Hart said...

Hey Chris...your thunderheads are amazing! Out west, you can see the weather churning -- storm clouds, the rain veil that marches across the landscape. I guess the weather this summer has been captivating.
Thanks for the note...