Saturday, July 25, 2009


I've been thinking about structure. Maybe it's
the horizon, the lack of cluttery maples, the wide sky.
Turquoise too. Structure & turquoise. I've been reading
a friend's manuscript. That gets me to structure as well.
In a round about way, to my own manuscript. Which shares
some things with the photographs above. That's what I realized
running the other morning. But then the great revelations
that seize me when I run later look less shiny. Not out here,
though. All thoughts appear bright with a vivid gloss.
Structures too -- door ways, trucks, cars in shadow.
An abandoned house. & everywhere turquoise.

1 comment:

apprentice said...

I love the cabin shot - but I have a yen for a cabin somewhere. I'll know it when I find it - there was one in Harris that tempted me, all corrugated iron and sky.