Thursday, July 9, 2009


On Thursday, June 11th I choose—foolishly, or fortuitously, only time will tell—to memorize Lisa Jarnot’s “Thricemost Field Mouse Song.”  According to cognitive scientists, music occupies more areas of our brain than language. Music, in other words, is more accessible than words. Music is more immediate, more global, more ecstatic. Because music processing is a more distributed network than language processing, music is even, in a sense “more meaningful.” 

Visit the link and read Emily Carr's essay. She's an American poet living in Canada.

Thricemost Field Mouse Song
By Lisa Jarnot

Thricemost Field most fidelitous mice of men
mice most field toast rebellion riven gunned
of rice mice most field glow of the one
christ mass field task resting mice and run
run most field roast, mossy mice of one
arm’s length mouse flank, felicitious and sunned
tan glow field row mouse is underdone
cooked roe built of field greens overrun
run mouse field house tent inside the sun
love paste arm’s haste mouse toes moon and hum
shaped wave, spare pace, mouse face dusted on
under taken leaves all raken, golden fur begun
open out the field of mouse, the field of mouse begun

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