Tuesday, March 8, 2011


When I'm like zig zagging among stuff
and I can't find things in which pile
where/ on the desk, in the kitchen,
bed table/ car/ some place/
the work station above is what I yearn
for, with lots of drawers and com-
partments for different sized papers,
notebooks, postcards and photos,
binders, flashdrives whatever,
this man imagined it/a data-managing
collecting searching device/container
personal? cultural? whatever, could such
a desk? workstation? help me
be more organized, no doubt, my
system now is broken file cabinets
and canvas bags, and thank goodness
for the canvas bag, the various colors,
designs and causes enable my monkey mind
to recall oh yes, that's the paperwork
for blah/blah But I dilly dally now.

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