Saturday, April 26, 2008


The meaning of this is entirely and best to say the mark, best to
say it best to show sudden places, best to make bitter, best to make
the length tall and nothing broader, anything between the half.

Gertrude Stein
from Tender Buttons

So the cruelest month is nearly over and I'll admit a certain rebellious disdain for napowrimo but fact is jumping part way on that bandwagon is yielding work or at least words, pages of them, all marks, some showing sudden places, which is a good thing, and when courage comes time to read, perhaps there'll be marks worth another look, then more work. This mark-making/type-making has been a relief.

more Gertrude

Water Raining
  Water astonishing and difficult altogether makes a meadow and a stroke.


Christine said...

Yes, those "sudden places" -- the homes created by all those marks. Yes, it feels so good when the marks made add up to something, a meaningful place to live in for a while, especially if you've been "homeless" for a stretch.

Pam Hart said...

At the moment, the marks feel like a big mess, but still home.