Wednesday, April 16, 2008

dig it

Ode to the Double-Natured Sides of Things

God and the angels arrive in Eden to find only a scattering of stems
on the ground. Noticing how the angels' wings fall from left to right
as they bend over the stems, God invents a more flexible forgive-
ness. Things change just slightly  The usual botany class--two rows
of long tables, students on either side with wildflowers in vases be-
tween them--keeps its format, but now, if a boy puts down his refer-
ence book and stares instead at a dot of green on the cheek of the girl
across from him, his essay "How a Leaf So Tiny Got on Her Cheek"
is relevant, may even warrant an "A." Above the sky may be dark.
Below the corn may be dry. Some days recess has to be on the west
side of the school because it's raining on the east side.

Matthea Harvey
from Modern Life


Suzanne said...

I loved this.

Pam Hart said...

Me too...loving her work this month.