Monday, March 3, 2008

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Undid in the Land of Undone

All the things I wanted to do and didn't
took so long.
It was years of not doing.

You can make an allusion here to Penelope,
if you want.
See her up there in that high room undoing her art?

But enough about what she didn't do --
not doing
was what she did.  Plucking out

the thread of intimacy in the frame.
So let's make a toast to the long art
of lingering. We say the cake is done,

but what exactly did the cake do?
The things undid
in the land of undone call to us

in the flames. What I didn't do took
an eternity--
and it wasn't for lack of trying.

Lee Upton


Ana Manga said...

Hi there! I'm sorry for the abrupt approach (is constant hurry), but here it is: I'm doing a PhD in digital poetics, specifically on blog writing by women. I research in Loughborough University (UK) and I just - finally - finished my selection of blogs. Yours will be one of them, if you don't object. I'm trying to collect some biographic information on the bloggers. Can you please tell me where you're from?

Well, now maybe it's appropriate: nice to meet you! It's probably unnecessary to say I really like your work...

Lets keep contact, shall we?


Ana Manga.

Pam Hart said...

Hello and welcome. I would love to be in contact and know more about your project.

Pam Hart said...

PS do you have an email address? I'd prefer not to communicate via the blog.

Ana Manga said...

Thanks for answering. I'm glad you found the project interesting. Did you see I just created a blog to organize the links and keep contact with the writers (I saw you ended up going to my personal blog in Portuguese). Check it out: There you can see the list of blogs I'm going t be analyzing during the next 2 years, and you'll find yourself amongst them. Right now I'm drowning in deadlines, but I will very soon update it. Lets keep in touch through our blogs, shall we?


Ana Manga said...

oh, my email address, of course:

apmanga at yahoo dot com