Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Highland Dress, 2008, Susan Stockwell

This is for my poet friend Rebecca Loudon,
who lives across the country and is celebrating
her birthday month. Happy birthday Rebecca!

Isn't this sculpture amazing? It's life size and is made
of 19th century survey maps of the Scottish Highlands.
It was part of an exhibition at the Katonah Museum
of Art (where I work) last year on mapping as material and concept.

I'm not a dress person (in that I don't wear them much
and when I do am rather uncomfortable while wishing
I could be more at ease) but have long admired artists,
like Lesley Dill, who use the dress form in their work.


Radish King said...

Pam. IO haven't been able to comment on this gorgeous art not from werk (sometimes I just can't hear the voices in the ghost voices speaker that you have to type they confuse and frighten me and mostly i hear what I'm not supposed to hear) and my cmputer is dead in the water at home so I'm using my kindle to type when i have a good wifi connection. thank you for posting that.


linhelen said...

This reminds me of some work I saw recently. The artist is Rachel Perry Welty featured on/in Gwarlingo..............