Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I counted my Submishmash rejections today. Oh well.
Poor dragonfly. I wrote a poem about you a long time
ago. Here's the link to Anecdote of Air.


Radish King said...

DON'T COUNT YOUR REJECTIONS. Let them go. Let them go. Note them in a spread sheet and don't look at it until you send something else out.

Pam said...

I did let them go. And started revising for more sending out. It was just seeing that word in Submishmash over and over again...caught me off guard. Thank you. xxoP
Do you use a spread sheet to keep track?

Radish King said...

Pam , I use an Excel spreadsheet that I've maintained since 2000. The first column is the name of the journal, the second column is the date I sent work out, the third column is for the names of the poems I sent, the last column is left open for the date the poem is rejected/accepted and any notations from editors. I type everything in black then I change the rejected poems to red (as soon as I find out so I know not to send the same poem to the same place again) and all the accepted poems to green for go.
=\\ --cat typing
It gives me a good feeling to go back to 2000 and see so much red and scroll down and see more and more green. I don't keep email rejections or paper rejections hanging around. I just note them on the spreadsheet and move on. This way I can track everything and not worry about what is where. Very simple most basic spreadsheet form that has been an organizational life-saver.