Saturday, October 30, 2010

Afghan Women's Writing Project

One of the great things about the interwebs
is being able to do things like co-edit an online
journal with a writer in Scotland as I did last
year with Anna Dickie and qarrtsiluni.
Next month I'll be mentoring women who live
in Afghanistan via the Afghan Women's Writing Project.
The photos above are of the new office the women
now can use in Kabul.
The women will write and I will read and offer
feedback and eventually their work may be published
at the online magazine started by writer Masha Hamilton.
It's completely run by volunteers and the aim is to give women
the power and the place to write and "have a voice in the world
despite a deteriorating security situation."
Check out the website.
I think I'll be learning a thing or two or three in November.

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