Tuesday, September 14, 2010

make over

Today was filled with fall: the light on the meadow where
I walked late afternoon, the wind that came in and tossed
out some leftover humidity, the tree turning away from green.
One season is leaving and another's on the way. Change always
changing. Time for a new look. I fiddled for a bit.
I'm too lazy to ditch blogger, but it's so clunky.
I like this okay. What do you think? Before/after?


Dave said...

Nice clean look. I like it! Stay on Blogger. WordPress.com isn't dramatically better, in some ways is worse, and none of the other free platforms come close to offering what these two do.

Pam Hart said...

Thanks Dave. It was definitely time for some refreshment. And you would know better than me about the nuances. I got annoyed with the look of blogger's new templates...but like what I eventually came up with.

Matthew said...

looks good! The white background, black text is key for easy reading.

Pam Hart said...

Thanks Matthew! It was time for refreshment.