Friday, December 11, 2009


Sometimes getting into the Xmas
spirit isn't so holly/ivy, this year especially.
But there are little road maps to lead one
through the hardened forest of the heart.
Like time in the city. Looking, first
at some art in the painter's studio
for an exhibition I'm co-curating on words
and pictures. Then at MoMa where I saw

and wandered into the water lilies, which now
have their own room and it wasn't too crowded,
though as usual people pose in front of the paintings
as if they're at the Grand Canyon, and maybe looking
at his paint and colors and light is kind of like staring
at the expanse of that place.
I walked a lot and of course the city is packed
with tourists, but NYC is not all glittering lights
there's always an edge, a con gone wrong
thus the cop with machine gun.

A good day...I'm ready for the tree.


angela simione said...

VERY cool project! and i am completelt envious of your Darger visits.

Pam Hart said...

I'll send you the Darger images...took a couple of poorly lit photos. It was pure happenstance that I stumbled on the scroll at MoMa.

Christine said...

Sounds like a good, colorful day. Loved what you said about the road maps leading "through the hardened forest of the heart." Beautiful.

Pam Hart said...

Thank you Chris...the zig zagging softens those places I know.