Wednesday, October 14, 2009

what the stars say

Horoscope for week of October 15, 2009

Were you ever a tiger in one of your past lives? If so, this would be an excellent time to tap into that power. If you have never lived the life of a tiger, would you be willing to imagine that you did? During the coming week's challenges, you will really benefit from being able to call on the specific kind of intelligence a tiger possesses, as well as its speed, perceptivity, sense of smell, charisma, and beauty. Your homework is to spend ten minutes envisioning yourself inhabiting the body of a tiger.


Suzanne said...


wv: briction

Radish King said...

That photo is stunning.

Pam Hart said...

Isn't she beautiful! Thanks S & girls are tigers too in your fierce determination to make words into poems.

apprentice said...

Gorgeous tiger! Happy birthday when it comes.

We're all Aries in this house -it's hell :)

Christine said...

That is an amazing photo. How beautiful!