Saturday, June 27, 2009

day trip

sometimes you need escape

get away from the crowd
away from the same old same old
to a new scene, new sights

with exotic vegetation and animal life

you crave new landscape you are tired of green

when you hit the road

you see things differently

see different things

get out of your own head
which is sick of dawn/light/mist/sky

you take off and then you're back
and there is refreshment

which is good enough for now


Christine said...

Cool pictures! Funny, I just took photos of carnival lights and the beckoning Ferris wheel the other night. Stay tuned! I like it that we are often traveling on the same meandering route through our minds. Summery escape = good!

Pam Hart said...

A day trip can be just the thing -- even for a few hours. And the carnival -- I missed it/darn. But I'll see your meander in the meantime.

apprentice said...

Great shots. I love the way a fair dispense with reality. Sounds a real tonic too. Still humid here, the air is like cotton candy, I think we have your climate just now!