Thursday, January 8, 2009


Kiki Smith Blue Girl

Something kind of wonderful happened yesterday. I had sent
a batch of poems over to an arts organization, which 
is co-sponsoring a performance entitled
The Form of Matter.  And two were selected! 
This means that I'll be reading my work, along
with other poets,  standing in front of two art works
by women I've long admired -- Kiki Smith and Ann Hamilton. 
I've written (like a few times!) here about how pulled
and drawn and compelled I am to looking at and thinking
about and taking from the visual arts. The opportunity 
to read poems written in response to
sculptures by these women makes me very very happy. 
A joyous way to start this year.


Radish King said...

Terrific news! What a fantastic opportunity. I adore Kiki S's work.


Pam Hart said...

And if you don't know it, you'd like Ann Hamilton's work too. She's a bit more cerebral...but similar. Should be interesting in that the reading will be "staged." I'm not a really out-there fact it makes me nervous but the idea of being in the same space as the art is exciting.

Christine said...

Pam, that is excellent! Thrilling! Congratulations!

Pam Hart said...

thanks Chris...