Tuesday, October 14, 2008


like it's...

Libra Horoscope
Week of October 16, 2008

Describing the poet Kenneth Koch, his colleague John Ashbery said that his work "gives you the impression that you are leading an interesting life; going to parties and meeting interesting people, falling in love, going for rides in the country and to public swimming pools, eating in the best restaurants and going to movies and the theater in the afternoons. By comparison, most other modern poetry makes me feel as if I were living in a small Midwestern university town." In the coming weeks, Libra, I exhort you to have an impact on people that's like Koch's poetry. Here's the best way to do that: Live the most interesting and imaginative life you can dream up.

What a hoot -- and under a full moon even.

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Christine said...

That moon was spectacular, rising like a swollen peach above I-84 last night. Go to my blog to see what I've nominated you for! Congratulations!