Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Posted most of the new work and some older, but barely revised,
work at the private blog. It's a curious sensation to put the poems
there, leaving me with the mini-sensation that the work is in some
kind of completed state -- lulling me. But I know there's
work to be done.

I'm clearing space in my head and, poem by poem, I see and see again
the crevices, the rough places that must be made plain, the plain
places that want messiness. Oh it's all a walk on the wild side.

And a brain shift is necessary. So many words, so little time.
Sometimes I want them to just go away.


Christine said...

It's good to have those words captured, right in front of you. Your openness and attentiveness will shuffle the words you have there, waiting to swirl into place. I find just walking up the hill clears my mind, lets the rhythm of steps impose its own beat, lets the landscape whisper.

Pam Hart said...

You're right Chris. And after hunkering down with 1 or 2 poems I see again that there's possiblity. My pessimism fades and the work of shaping language into art takes over. Such is my process...a back and forthing (sideways too). And a walk as you say definitely can help!

Christine said...

Yes, "back and forthing," as with all things. There is balance, and always possibilities...