Saturday, April 7, 2007


The Great System of Perfect Color

Blue. Purple. Scarlet deep
with gold [revealed] on [Sinai]
by [GOD] as [noblest]
Others chiefly green
with white & black
used in points of small mass
to relieve blank color

Byzantine flung repetitions

Could we trade length of dress?
Paint unpredicted folds where thigh
opens outward, joints resist
(large blank surfaces)

-four horizontally (lambs,
too) in doorway-noting
nature's tendency
to circle where heat lifts

Gesture of damp gnawing grief

Forgotten twice,
twice refusal of
of ludicrous, cumbrous sheep grief
sheep leaned as men gnawing
flocking terminal lines vertical
Lines, no draperies, broad masses
arm held stiff to pale colors
leaked in vertical bands
Bands continuing,

continuing to

-Kathleen Fraser

For some reason blogger won't let me add spacing to this poem.
Thus the 3 words Fraser sends on over to the right margin--grief, gnawing, vertical--
get stuck in with the other words in the line.