Monday, March 5, 2007

Goodbye Agnes M.

I said goodbye to some of her works from the 1980s hanging at Dia:Beacon, the so-called Field of Vision series, not her title. The paintings were leaving Dia to return to owners. I remember when I first found Agnes Martin -- her show at the Whitney. My kids were little and I was buried in diapers and chicken nuggets and legos. I escaped one day to view the exhibition. It was as if I had traveled across the country to New Mexico and her desert. I didn't want to leave and visited the show several times before it closed. This was an awakening time for me, like attending a revival meeting, something exploded inside. But there was also tranquility in the work, in all the neatly measured lines and colors, in the collision of well-made ocean blues and desert sandy browns. The order was compelling, compared to my chaotic life. I envied Agnes, though that's an emotion she'd disdain. I got lost in her field again today.


MGR said...

I have never physically seen her work in person, and I can't seem to conclude on the magnitude... but the sheer beauty in some of her works truly makes me feel content. I really experience some of the mystery as in Rothko's work, but it is the beauty and profundity that strikes me the most. The fact she never married and lived like a hermitress most of her life intrigues me. Thank you for this note. I loved the read..


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